LOLA: Organic Cotton Tampons Review!

LOLA organic cotton tampons review

I finally tried LOLA! I was thrilled when the box came in the mail; I’ve never received tampons in the mail before! It came in a small plain brown box, which was discreet and compact enough to fit in my small apartment mailbox.

The packaging is basic and to the point which really aligns with their messaging for no-bullshit ingredients. Something about the packaging exudes cleanliness and simplicity. It might be that the box is white and blue and all the tampons are color coordinated in different shades of blue, too.

Speaking of the different tampons, I have to give serious props to this brand for what they’ve done with the different absorbencies of these tampons. The range is incredible. The light is what I feel like I’ve been searching for forever. Not to get too TMI here, but I find that my flow has so many light days and at the store, I always find boxes that are almost always mostly regulars with some supers. Like, ya girl needs some light tampons for the 4 days after her period where her body just isn’t quite sure what move it wants to make next. I haven’t talked to many other women about this but I assumed I was abnormal for just spotting a million days after my period is over. I’m exaggerating here, but it was so nice to be able to customize this box to my needs.

The one thing I felt with LOLA tampons that I’ve never felt before was like I was rationing all of my tampons. The downside to customizing the box was that I had never done it before so I felt like I was counting how many of each tampon I had to make sure I would have the right amount left.                                                                           

LOLA Instagram stories advertisement organic cotton tampons.png

I did actually unsubscribe after this month because I’m still interested in trying some other brands too. I got some ads for LOLA after I purchased, acting as awareness for their brand. These ads were either acting as a reminder that I made a good choice buying 10% organic cotton tampons, or to get me to subscribe again since I already purchased LOLA. Most likely the latter but don’t worry, LOLA, I’m still a big fan or your brand and will purchase again!

Overall, 10/10 would recommend LOLA. Have you tried LOLA? Which organic cotton tampon should I look into next? I am super interetsed in trying Blume!

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- Ariane
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Schmidt's Deodorant: Natural, Aluminum-Free, and Amazing

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant Flat Lay Product

To be honest, I can’t remember the first time I heard about Schmidt’s deodorant. I remember visiting the Schmidt’s website and then getting a seasonal ad for Holiday scents they offered. Since then I have also seen a promotion for their seasonal Summer scents. I haven't tried any of these limited edition scents but I'm so intrigued. I don't think any other deodorant brand does this! 

Schmidt's Holiday Deodorant Collection Advertisement

Around the holiday's this year was when I began searching for all types of natural deodorant solutions. I got the seasonal advertisement along with some other brands and it might have pushed me to start testing them out.

Schmidt’s has more products now than just deodorant, and their message is that they are “the new face of natural.” I love the story of Schmidt’s. To sum it up, the brand started from one person making natural deodorant at home for her family. They are now sold globally and have a larger range of products. They say their ingredients are easy to understand and they believe in sustainability.

All of this to my perception is true! Since then, I've realized I can buy Schmidt's at Target! Considering there are no options at any of the drugstores near me, I find this extremely accessible and convenient.

I bought my first package of Schmidt’s online. This was the 3rd natural deodorant brand I tested, back when I was trying fragrance-free versions of deodorant only. Schmidt's is a little different because in order to rub it on your armpits comfortably you have to let it sit on your pits to warm up but once you do it's not sticky or white and applies smoothly. 

At this point, I’m trying to test as many scents as possible of Schmidt's because I love the brand so much. So far I’ve tried Fragrance-free, Lime Bergamot, Rose Vanilla, and Charcoal Magnesium. I love them all but I have to admit it feels little strange to smell like a lime. Made me feel like a cocktail. My favorite is the Charcoal Magnesium because it smells so fresh and neutral. 

Schmidt's so far is my favorite and I'm looking forward to trying all the scents. I'm still looking forward to finding out about other natural deodorant brands and testing those out too even though I love Schmidt's so much.

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- Ariane
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Curology: Month Two Results

curology packaging.png

Back with a Curology update! The last time I reviewed Curology was when I used it for the first month. Since then I have continued my prescription and have now been using Curology for 8 weeks/2 months and thought I would share some progress photos.

This month I got more Curology ads on Instagram, perhaps to persuade me into subscribing after the 1 month trial (@Curology: you don't have to convince me anymore 😉).

This ad uses a real customer who had acne and tried Curology after seeing an ad. What I really love about this new ad was that she actually had intense acne. Curology isn't hiding the problem that their product solves in a real way. The girl narrates her story, how she tried everything in the drugstore and that after using Curology she saw results in two weeks and could actually leave the house again. This story is exactly how I feel. 

curology instagram ads.png

This is how I felt when my new bottle came in the mail lol:

curology in the mail packaging

My last post was about 3 – 4 weeks into the treatment when I was already impressed with the results and since then my skin has improved even more.  It’s been such a luxury not thinking about acne the past month. I might have had one or two pimples TOPS and even the stubborn cyst on my neck went away.

curology month two results.png

It’s nice that I can now look into skincare that revolves around reducing scars and redness, moisturizing, and/or anti-aging. It would be nice just, in general, to invest in self-care/relaxing products that make me feel good instead on going head on trying to cure the red inflamed hell that was happening on my face (too dramatic?) I’d love to look more into some new serums that help moisturize and keep me ✨glowing

I still have some clogged pores and acne scarring but I imagine that if I still with the program those will go away too. What’s nice about Curology is that I can actually tell my provider these things and they can suggest what I should do or they might even adjust my formula to help with my personal skin concerns. Amazing! Excited to see what comes next.

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- Ariane
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I Bought LOLA: Organic Cotton Tampon Subscription Service

As mentioned previously, I’ve been dying to try LOLA, an organic cotton tampon brand that is subscription based. This brand isn’t sold in stores so it hasn’t been something I’ve gone out of my way to try since I’m so used to purchasing tampons in-store. I can’t find the ads I originally saw that were the reason I first discovered the brand, but I remember them really well.

The ad was an Instagram video in my feed of the two female founders of LOLA, discussing why they started the company and how they wanted answers about what was in their tampons. This resonated with me because I was just beginning my journey of understanding the products I use and what might have been causing my acne and inflammation. I’m no expert still, but I still believe that I have the right to know what’s in my hygiene products. Something felt so sketchy about my tampon boxes not needing an ingredient label. As I watched the ad the message really stuck with me, and that’s why I’ve been dying to try this brand!

For some more background and context here, one of my favorite papers/projects in college was a report on the messaging in menstrual advertising over time. This was and still is something I’m extremely passionate about and to see an ad for tampons that was empowering to this level really lit a fire in my nerdy advertising student soul.

On to the product! This post will be about the purchasing journey on the LOLA website since I don’t believe it's as common for women out there to buy tampons online. Here’s an ad I received from LOLA just to reinforce “HEY, WE KNOW YOU’RE INTERESTED IN LOLA SO JUST BUY IT ALREADY!” I see you, LOLA.

LOLA organic cotton tampon sponsored advertisement
lola tampon website reivew.png

I went to the LOLA homepage, which was easy to navigate, and clicked on the Products drop-down menu to see what they had to offer. Not going to lie, I was kind of surprised at their offering. I believe I visited this website several months ago when I first heard about the brand and at the time I think there were just tampons with or without an applicator and pads. Kudos to the brand for growing so much!

I was able to customize a box of tampons just for me which I love love love! I always find that I need more lights and supers than I need of the just regular absorbent tampons. I never really thought about this until I was given the offer to customize it just for me! Is this TMI? Oh well! I’m super excited! Here’s what I went with:

lola organic cotton tampon customization review.png

So far I haven’t even received the package but the process of buying was super easy, it’s going to appear on my doorstep for $10 in 7 days and there was no extra charge or TAX or SHIPPING. Amazing!!!

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- Ariane
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Native Deodorant: First Impression/Review

Hello readers! I’m back with another deodorant review. I was gifted Native deodorant by my sister after she learned I was interested in aluminum-free deodorant options. For a while I’ve been wanting to review Schmidt’s Deodorant since it’s currently the one I use every day, but since I’m trying out this new one I wanted to give a first impression.

On the Native brand website, there is no claim that this is a "natural" deodorant but that it is aluminum free and paraben free. Even though the brand is not claiming to be 100% natural deodorant they do emphasize understanding what's in your deodorant and investing in the products that you apply to a sensitive part of your body. I agree!

native deodorant review cucumber mint aluminum free.png

First things first, this deodorant comes in stick form which, in my eyes, is a plus because it is easier to apply. The scent I have is Cucumber & Mint. It smells awesome but I’m not sure it smells like either cucumber OR mint very much. Really, this deodorant smells like baby powder or cucumber and a hint of citrus. It’s a pleasant smell and it’s subtle, but not as fresh as I imagine “Cucumber & Mint” would be.

Native applies extremely smoothly. I really love how soft the product is and the way it just glides on. Other natural deodorants can be stiff and need time to warm up but Native goes on effortlessly.

As for immediate first impressions, right after I apply this deodorant my armpits are a little irritated. I’m not sure if this formula has more baking soda in it or if my skin happens to be really sensitive but there’s something about this formula that makes my skin feel slightly irritated. It’s nothing serious but obviously not totally comfortable. 

I wore this deodorant yesterday in Malibu where I walked about 15 minutes from my car to a restaurant (it was the closest street parking!) in 90-degree weather and I did not smell! Woohoo! So far it seems like this deodorant doesn’t absorb very well but it does prevent odor, which is great!

As for the sensitivity issue, the brand's website appears to have a sensitive version of the product which I would be very open to trying in the near future! I'm not sure I'm going to continue using this deodorant if the irritation continues. 

That’s all for my review so far on Native; be sure to check out some of my other deodorant reviews here and stay tuned for future reviews as well!

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- Ariane
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