Schmidt's Deodorant: Natural, Aluminum-Free, and Amazing

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant Flat Lay Product

To be honest, I can’t remember the first time I heard about Schmidt’s deodorant. I remember visiting the Schmidt’s website and then getting a seasonal ad for Holiday scents they offered. Since then I have also seen a promotion for their seasonal Summer scents. I haven't tried any of these limited edition scents but I'm so intrigued. I don't think any other deodorant brand does this! 

Schmidt's Holiday Deodorant Collection Advertisement

Around the holiday's this year was when I began searching for all types of natural deodorant solutions. I got the seasonal advertisement along with some other brands and it might have pushed me to start testing them out.

Schmidt’s has more products now than just deodorant, and their message is that they are “the new face of natural.” I love the story of Schmidt’s. To sum it up, the brand started from one person making natural deodorant at home for her family. They are now sold globally and have a larger range of products. They say their ingredients are easy to understand and they believe in sustainability.

All of this to my perception is true! Since then, I've realized I can buy Schmidt's at Target! Considering there are no options at any of the drugstores near me, I find this extremely accessible and convenient.

I bought my first package of Schmidt’s online. This was the 3rd natural deodorant brand I tested, back when I was trying fragrance-free versions of deodorant only. Schmidt's is a little different because in order to rub it on your armpits comfortably you have to let it sit on your pits to warm up but once you do it's not sticky or white and applies smoothly. 

At this point, I’m trying to test as many scents as possible of Schmidt's because I love the brand so much. So far I’ve tried Fragrance-free, Lime Bergamot, Rose Vanilla, and Charcoal Magnesium. I love them all but I have to admit it feels little strange to smell like a lime. Made me feel like a cocktail. My favorite is the Charcoal Magnesium because it smells so fresh and neutral. 

Schmidt's so far is my favorite and I'm looking forward to trying all the scents. I'm still looking forward to finding out about other natural deodorant brands and testing those out too even though I love Schmidt's so much.

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- Ariane
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