The Pixi Glow Tonic Made My Skin Worse

I ran out of the Juice Beauty Essence I was using as a toner but didn’t want to replace it (even though I loved it) because it was on the pricey-er side and I was looking for something more affordable. I heard the Pixi Glow Tonic was a great option and could be found at Target.

I was walking in Venice and happened to see the Pixi storefront on Abbot Kinney and was so excited because I didn’t know it existed! I’m still relatively unfamiliar with the brand – and at the time I really had only heard of the one toner. The store was small and there was one Sales Associate who was really sweet and helpful.

The Sales Associate showed me a few different products and ultimately I bought the Glow Tonic in addition to the Rose Tonic. I was told to use the rose in the morning and glow at night.

On the Pixi website, the brand claims that the toner is highly concentrated and used to deeply clean pores by getting rid of excess oil and dirt. The emphasized ingredients are glycolic acid, ginseng, and aloe vera. The product is rated 5/5 stars out of 441 reviews, with claims that skin will be balanced, glowing, and soothed.

I mentioned that I was using the Glow Tonic previously in my first Curology post, and unfortunately my results weren’t great:

Pixi Glow Tonic Bad Results.png

I used them both for about a week and my skin was extremely irritated and itchy every morning first thing when I woke up. Since my skin was only itchy in the morning I figured there was something wrong with my nighttime skincare routine that was causing irritation.

So I looked up the ingredients in the glow tonic using the CosDNA website and there are a few ingredients that may not have worked with my skin type, which I will look out for again in the future.

Unfortunately, the Glow Tonic did not work for me but learning about it helped me find one of my new favorite skincare products, the Pixi Rose Tonic! I have even repurchased it at Target since picking it up at the store in Venice. I use it day and night after cleansing and find that it removes dirt from my skin while also keeping it calm. Hooray!

Thanks for reading! ✨🌴🌈
- Ariane
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