I Tested Organic Cotton Tampons!

There are so many new feminine hygiene products to try these days. I’ve never ventured out into the world of reusable cups or underwear. I never considered switching to pads… or sponges… or anything else. Not that I am opposed to trying something new, I am just used to going to the store and picking up the usual tampon brand that I trust and know works for me.

For a while I was getting ads from LOLA, a 100% organic cotton tampon brand. It looked great but I never purchased online because tampons aren’t things I’m used to buying via Instagram, you know? The branding is cute and the product was customizable as well. It started to get me thinking though…. do my tampons even have an ingredient label? What are my tampons made of then? I continued using my typical Tampax for a while even though these thoughts were in the back of my mind.

Then I started getting ads from Cora, a similar 100% organic cotton tampon brand. The packaging is simple and discreet and the brand came off as sleek and mature. Again, didn’t really consider buying tampons on the Internet, but it was good to know that there was more than one organic cotton tampon option when I was ready to switch.

While shopping at Target I actually saw the Cora brand so I picked it up out of curiosity. There were two options in store, one mixed pack with 16 regular and 16 super and one box of just 16 regular (both with applicators). I picked up the box of 16 regular only because I was trying this brand for the first time and wanted to make sure I liked it before I ended up with 30 tampons I wouldn’t use.

cora organic tampons instagram advertisements.png

What I’ve noticed is that Cora really takes notice of the whole picture. They note that their products are not only made without synthetics, chemicals, fragrances and the like but also are made without child labor or animal cruelty. What also sparked my interest is that pads are provided to girls in need in India with every Cora purchase. I love this. Girls all over the world deserve period products. Girls should not be held back in their education or any aspect of their lives just because they’re female.

Unfortunately, I ruined some pairs of underwear...and jeans (which has literally never happened to me in my 11 years of menstruating)...while testing Cora over two months. This was disappointing because I care about the same issues this brand does and I was really hopeful about finding a synthetic-free tampon. However, after doing more digging online, it seems that there are some customizable boxes of Cora and even a subscription service that you can sign up for to have tampons delivered to you. I also want to note that the claims of the tampon being comfortable was entirely true.

Perhaps I should try Cora again with the mixed pack of super and regular tampons, or give LOLA a try! Either way, I’m on the hunt for the perfect pack of organic cotton tampons.

Thanks for reading! ✨🌴🌈
- Ariane
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