I Switched To Natural Deodorant To Rid My Body of Toxins

I never used to think much about my deodorant choice. It was a simple decision when I needed to start wearing deodorant – my older sister wore Dove Original Scent, so when it came time for me to start picking up this stuff, I chose Dove Cucumber Melon (you know, because I was trying to be different). With no concerns or questions asked, that was the deodorant I was satisfied with and wore for years.

It wasn’t until I began searching for natural solutions in my skincare to cure acne that I found out about the chemicals in drugstore deodorant for women. The most concerning ingredient being aluminum, which is used in antiperspirants to prevent sweating. There are talks about how the aluminum in deodorant causes Alzheimer’s and/or Breast Cancer. I’m not going to claim that any of that is true, but I don’t want to risk it either. Regardless, I am looking to rid of all unnecessary chemicals from my skincare and rubbing stuff on my skin that was preventing me from sweating started to freak me out.

And thus, the natural deodorant journey began. It started with Tom’s. I know you’ve all seen this before:

tom's unscented natural deodorant.png

Now, you would have thought I’d see one of their ads by now but I actually haven’t. The reason I picked this up was that it was handy right next to all the other skincare at Trader Joes. It retailed for under $5 and I bought the fragrance-free version because I didn’t want the perfumey-ness to mask other smells to make an even smellier…smell.

I was well prepared for B.O. when switching to a natural deodorant. I heard that your body will detox the aluminum that has been plugging up your pores and the B.O. would be worse than usual. This was true at first. I didn’t want to jump to conclusions and say that Tom’s didn’t work though.

I smelled awful for about a month but powered through it in hopes of ~ridding all of my toxins~ and honestly, it never got better. I remember days during that month where I forgot to put deodorant on and I didn’t smell half as bad. That was when I realized Tom’s deodorant was making me smell worse than I would smell if I just stopped wearing deodorant altogether.

The weirdest part about switching to a natural deodorant was the fact that I could actually start to feel myself sweat again. I don’t think I’d felt that in a decade, literally. The packaging claims to last all day but I found that it didn’t last for more than an hour because I could already feel myself sweating in the car ride to work in the morning.

The mission statement on Tom’s website is that they are trying to help people live a more natural life. When it comes down to it, Tom’s is probably the most accessible natural deodorant that I’ve seen in stores, and I definitely commend them for that. However, I’m still on the hunt for an effective aluminum-free deodorant!

Thanks for reading! ✨🌴🌈
- Ariane
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