Native Deodorant: First Impression/Review

Hello readers! I’m back with another deodorant review. I was gifted Native deodorant by my sister after she learned I was interested in aluminum-free deodorant options. For a while I’ve been wanting to review Schmidt’s Deodorant since it’s currently the one I use every day, but since I’m trying out this new one I wanted to give a first impression.

On the Native brand website, there is no claim that this is a "natural" deodorant but that it is aluminum free and paraben free. Even though the brand is not claiming to be 100% natural deodorant they do emphasize understanding what's in your deodorant and investing in the products that you apply to a sensitive part of your body. I agree!

native deodorant review cucumber mint aluminum free.png

First things first, this deodorant comes in stick form which, in my eyes, is a plus because it is easier to apply. The scent I have is Cucumber & Mint. It smells awesome but I’m not sure it smells like either cucumber OR mint very much. Really, this deodorant smells like baby powder or cucumber and a hint of citrus. It’s a pleasant smell and it’s subtle, but not as fresh as I imagine “Cucumber & Mint” would be.

Native applies extremely smoothly. I really love how soft the product is and the way it just glides on. Other natural deodorants can be stiff and need time to warm up but Native goes on effortlessly.

As for immediate first impressions, right after I apply this deodorant my armpits are a little irritated. I’m not sure if this formula has more baking soda in it or if my skin happens to be really sensitive but there’s something about this formula that makes my skin feel slightly irritated. It’s nothing serious but obviously not totally comfortable. 

I wore this deodorant yesterday in Malibu where I walked about 15 minutes from my car to a restaurant (it was the closest street parking!) in 90-degree weather and I did not smell! Woohoo! So far it seems like this deodorant doesn’t absorb very well but it does prevent odor, which is great!

As for the sensitivity issue, the brand's website appears to have a sensitive version of the product which I would be very open to trying in the near future! I'm not sure I'm going to continue using this deodorant if the irritation continues. 

That’s all for my review so far on Native; be sure to check out some of my other deodorant reviews here and stay tuned for future reviews as well!

Thanks for reading! ✨🌴🌈
- Ariane
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