I Bought LOLA: Organic Cotton Tampon Subscription Service

As mentioned previously, I’ve been dying to try LOLA, an organic cotton tampon brand that is subscription based. This brand isn’t sold in stores so it hasn’t been something I’ve gone out of my way to try since I’m so used to purchasing tampons in-store. I can’t find the ads I originally saw that were the reason I first discovered the brand, but I remember them really well.

The ad was an Instagram video in my feed of the two female founders of LOLA, discussing why they started the company and how they wanted answers about what was in their tampons. This resonated with me because I was just beginning my journey of understanding the products I use and what might have been causing my acne and inflammation. I’m no expert still, but I still believe that I have the right to know what’s in my hygiene products. Something felt so sketchy about my tampon boxes not needing an ingredient label. As I watched the ad the message really stuck with me, and that’s why I’ve been dying to try this brand!

For some more background and context here, one of my favorite papers/projects in college was a report on the messaging in menstrual advertising over time. This was and still is something I’m extremely passionate about and to see an ad for tampons that was empowering to this level really lit a fire in my nerdy advertising student soul.

On to the product! This post will be about the purchasing journey on the LOLA website since I don’t believe it's as common for women out there to buy tampons online. Here’s an ad I received from LOLA just to reinforce “HEY, WE KNOW YOU’RE INTERESTED IN LOLA SO JUST BUY IT ALREADY!” I see you, LOLA.

LOLA organic cotton tampon sponsored advertisement
lola tampon website reivew.png

I went to the LOLA homepage, which was easy to navigate, and clicked on the Products drop-down menu to see what they had to offer. Not going to lie, I was kind of surprised at their offering. I believe I visited this website several months ago when I first heard about the brand and at the time I think there were just tampons with or without an applicator and pads. Kudos to the brand for growing so much!

I was able to customize a box of tampons just for me which I love love love! I always find that I need more lights and supers than I need of the just regular absorbent tampons. I never really thought about this until I was given the offer to customize it just for me! Is this TMI? Oh well! I’m super excited! Here’s what I went with:

lola organic cotton tampon customization review.png

So far I haven’t even received the package but the process of buying was super easy, it’s going to appear on my doorstep for $10 in 7 days and there was no extra charge or TAX or SHIPPING. Amazing!!!

Thanks for reading! ✨🌴🌈
- Ariane
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