Hippy Pits: Supporting Small Business and Natural Deodorant!

After my poor experience using Tom’s deodorant, but hope that there was an effective aluminum-free option out there, I saw a sponsored video by @tferg__ promoting Hippy Pits. I love supporting small business and was interested in what this was about so I invested in a jar!

To start, the website says all the right things: cruelty-free, vegan, aluminum-free. It seems like the company is small and owned by a vegan couple that lives in Vancouver. The branding and messaging are really straightforward: they provide natural and toxic free hygiene products. The tag is “live like a hippy, don’t smell like one,” which I can get behind!

I bought the scentless jar of natural deodorant for two reasons: 1. My skin can be sensitive to fragrances and 2. I wanted to see if this product really worked and wouldn’t just mask smells. The price for one jar is $12.99 and the packaging shows that one jar is 2 oz. They list all of the ingredients on their website and they are all really easy to understand which is comforting and follows through on their promise of making their products with the best ingredients.

hippy pits natural deodorant unscented review.png

The packaging is cute and compact; it comes in a plastic jar with sticker labels. The product itself has a gritty-like texture but once it warms in your hand it becomes smooth and easy to blend. The deodorant with no scent smells like clay in the jar but smells like nothing once it sits on the skin.

After testing it for about a month, Hippy Pits was a serious relief! I have to admit it was definitely strange to use my fingers to apply deodorant, but I got used to it after a while. It still isn’t my preference to use my fingers but it is no big deal. The deodorant worked throughout the day! I believe it absorbed sweat and odor nicely but it is not as long lasting as I would like. I typically apply this product around 7:30AM and want to reapply it around 7 or 8PM. Not bad! Part of me wonders if the scented version would last longer. Either way, it was awesome to support small business and especially one that aligns with what I believe in. Yay!

Thanks for reading! ✨🌴🌈
- Ariane
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