Glossier's New Cloud Paint: Dawn

If you’re reading this you probably have heard of Glossier and you probably know that the hype is r e a l whenever they release a new product. This post is about their cloud paints, specifically the new shade in Dawn, because the drop of the two new blushes made me SO excited I had to pick it up.

Glossier Cloud Paints Instagram Posts.png

Glossier does an incredible job of building anticipation for a new product or even new shades of a product. The community of fans they have built is so loyal. I’m not gonna lie I kind of go psycho when they post a story or picture on Instagram about a new product release. Glossier’s brand is so strong because you can recognize it anywhere and exclusive-feeling since the only two storefronts that exist are in NY and LA. I had been to the Glossier NY showroom a few times in college when I lived in the area and it was such a treat to stop by every now and then to test the products in person.

All that being said I already owned the Cloud Paint shade Dusk (in the middle below) and when the new blushes came out a month ago I ran to the new Glossier LA showroom (which is a dream btw) and bought Beam and Dawn (top and bottom).

glossier cloud paints swatches colors new review.png

I really love mixing these blushes together to create fun new colors and the blend so well. It’s amazing. Speaking of blending, they great to blend together and the finish on the cheeks is just as natural. I get that its not totally natural to blush bright orange, but the new color Dawn seriously just looks like it belongs on my face:


Glossier is all about being ~dewy~ and the Cloud Paint blushes don’t necessarily make you dewy but they do make you look like you’re glowing from within. I feel my best when I’m wearing one of these blushes and I don’t think I’ll ever look back to powder blushes again. (I mean…you never know what happens, right?) I think the most natural shade of the three I have is Dusk, which is why I bought it first. I love Dawn for summer and Beam seems like it would be great on its own for spring, but I also think it’s a great pink shade to mix with Dawn or Dusk. Or just mix all three together for a pinky-nudey-orangey shade! There are no rules to makeup! 😘

Thanks for reading! ✨🌴🌈
- Ariane
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