Skincare is Personal at Curology

I may be biased when talking about Curology because it literally cured my acne in ways that accutane, a dairy-free diet, and chugging water could ever do for me. Curology is a “super-bottle” of skincare made for you, and I haven’t seen anything quite like it in the skincare industry that’s open to the market.

The brand was founded in early 2014 under the name “PocketDerm” and later rebranded to “Curology” in late 2015. Curology was founded by a family of two certified dermatologists and a technologist that wanted to bring affordable and accessible skincare to those who need it. The family business is a mother and two sons, the two dermatologists being the mother and son and technologist being the second son.

The story goes that the son dermatologist was helping a patient in New Mexico who had suffered from acne for years until she finally saw a dermatologist (the founder of Curology) who cured her skin. She said that it took her years to see a doctor because she didn’t have the money and viewed it as a luxury to see a provider who could help her.

The name “Curology” broken down is Cure-Ology. “Ology” being a suffix that is used to signify the study of, or science of. “Cure” as a verb means the relief of symptoms, to be healed. As a noun “cure” is defined as a treatment. So, the made up name “Curology” is meant to sound like a scientific treatment. It definitely has a ring to it.

Curology is a monthly subscription that is customized for you. You can opt in to getting a small bottle once a month or a large bottle once every other month. It’s a website you go to, answer short survey of questions about your skin, add some photos and then you get sent a 1-step skin treatment that you apply at night.

You get set up with a medical provider who can answer your questions within 72 hours and Every bottle of Curology is different and is even personalized with your name on it.

They recently expanded their product line with a generic cleanser and moisturizer. Since the product was only one thing before, and it was called Curology, the differentiation between the main product and the brand. Are they both Curology? They refer to the customized product as a “super bottle”  but I think they are both actually “Curology.” It’s unclear.

Although Curology has super-bottles for wrinkles, age spots, acne, and scarring, their focus is mostly on treating acne, so I would say their target is young adults who can’t afford seeing a dermatologist and are looking for a cure for adult acne they can’t seem to get rid of, similar to their story of how the brand all began.

Advertising is a big thing for Curology, and I think everybody who has heard of it at this point is because they saw an advertisement for Curology. Their targeting must be extremely spot on because when I tell people who don't have skin concerns about how I cleared my skin, they haven’t heard of Curology before. Even in some of the new ads, the subject of the ad talks about about they found Curology because of an ad! A lot of the marketing they work on is social media related, whether its paid instagram ads or influencer marketing. To name a few, Emma Chamberlain, HeyItsFei, and Best Dressed are three influencers I watch who were sponsored by Curology and that was without me searching for Curology content. I imagine they use paid social as an awareness tactic to reach as many people they can with troubled skin, and influencer marketing as a way for consumers to relate to the content, learn more from somebody they trust, and see the personalized results.

All that being said, I believe the overall message for Curology is that their product is personalized. With hashtags like #treatYOself, putting your name on each bottle you receive, customizing the formula to you, and general messaging about helping YOU feel confident in YOUR skin, the message for Curology is that their product was made especially for you. A brand about personalization makes us feel special which sucks us in, and it’s even more impressive that the product actually works! (For me, at least.)

Thanks for reading! ✨🌴🌈
- Ariane
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