Curology: Month Two Results

curology packaging.png

Back with a Curology update! The last time I reviewed Curology was when I used it for the first month. Since then I have continued my prescription and have now been using Curology for 8 weeks/2 months and thought I would share some progress photos.

This month I got more Curology ads on Instagram, perhaps to persuade me into subscribing after the 1 month trial (@Curology: you don't have to convince me anymore 😉).

This ad uses a real customer who had acne and tried Curology after seeing an ad. What I really love about this new ad was that she actually had intense acne. Curology isn't hiding the problem that their product solves in a real way. The girl narrates her story, how she tried everything in the drugstore and that after using Curology she saw results in two weeks and could actually leave the house again. This story is exactly how I feel. 

curology instagram ads.png

This is how I felt when my new bottle came in the mail lol:

curology in the mail packaging

My last post was about 3 – 4 weeks into the treatment when I was already impressed with the results and since then my skin has improved even more.  It’s been such a luxury not thinking about acne the past month. I might have had one or two pimples TOPS and even the stubborn cyst on my neck went away.

curology month two results.png

It’s nice that I can now look into skincare that revolves around reducing scars and redness, moisturizing, and/or anti-aging. It would be nice just, in general, to invest in self-care/relaxing products that make me feel good instead on going head on trying to cure the red inflamed hell that was happening on my face (too dramatic?) I’d love to look more into some new serums that help moisturize and keep me ✨glowing

I still have some clogged pores and acne scarring but I imagine that if I still with the program those will go away too. What’s nice about Curology is that I can actually tell my provider these things and they can suggest what I should do or they might even adjust my formula to help with my personal skin concerns. Amazing! Excited to see what comes next.

Thanks for reading! ✨🌴🌈
- Ariane
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