I Used Curology For A Month

I get tons of ads for new skincare regimens because I am always looking for new tricks and tips to clear my acne. I’ve tried just about everything. From Accutane to oil cleansing to a dairy-free diet, I’m always looking for something new that might help.

Cue these Instagram ads I was getting from “Curology,” a subscription-based acne medication without seeing a dermatologist. I get ads for acne stuff all of the time, but this brand really grabbed my attention because of the personalized messaging and, honestly, the results looked too good to be true.

Curology claims that they can simplify and customize my skincare routine in a personalized and honest way. Their brand is all about accessible providers who create a “custom superbottle with a powerful combination.”

To start, I filled out a survey answering questions about my skin goals and medical history:

curology acne survey test.png

And then sent some pictures of my skin:

acne photo before curology.png

Before I get into how the product has actually worked so far, I want to mention that before I started using Curology I was testing the Pixi Glow Tonic toner and it made my skin extremely itchy. See below for some pictures:

pixi glow tonic results.png

The day I took photos of my irritated skin was the same day I quit using the new toner and soon after I started using Curology. Before I knew it...

ariane long instagram story clear skin.JPG

june 14th

So here’s the story:

I’ve been using Curology for about 20 days now and it’s not a hoax. The first box is free, the provider you’re paired with actually answers your questions, and the results are real. Once you’re signed up, you join an online community where people share pictures of their results too! The website also offers articles to read about acne and how to cure it with improved diet and other products they recommend using alongside their medication.

I can’t believe this is working for me. Here are some pictures of me, fresh faced, at the 20-day mark:

ariane long curology 1 month results.png

Overall, my inflammation is down to nothing and redness is completely gone. I’ve only had a few pimples that go away quickly once they pop up and my skin has been easier to maintain in general. Excited to see what another month can mean for my skin with Curology!

Thanks for reading! ✨🌴🌈
- Ariane
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