Thinx Underwear: Including Every Body in Menstruation

I have always wanted to buy Thinx period underwear just because it’s so intriguing and innovative. Before period underwear, I never thought there were options beyond pads and tampons, and period underwear opened so many doors for people to menstruate comfortably.

“Thinx” is a really interesting name and at first I didn’t understand why a feminine hygiene brand was called this. So, I simply googled the definition of “think” to get a deeper understanding of what the word means by definition. On one hand it means to have an opinion, belief, or idea; but it also means to “direct one’s mind toward something; use one’s mind actively to form connected ideas.” To me, this already shouts concepts like thinking outside the box and connecting with one another, but let’s dive into the brand to understand what it’s all about, keeping in mind the meaning of the brand name.

Credit:  AdWeek

Credit: AdWeek

When Thinx launched in 2015 their first advertising campaign was deemed controversial. I was living in NYC at the time and even I had never seen advertising quite like it before. For the first time ever women were posing in underwear that wasn’t sexual, and a period ad was comparing women to nature that wasn’t disastrous. Period ads prior were often comparing menstruation to tornados or “mother nature” who ruined the day, but these ads showed a women wearing a shirt and underwear sitting, menstruating, then next to a picture of an egg or a grapefruit.

It was amazing, and at first a lot of the copy for the ads used the word “women” but since has just switched to “menstruating human” or “people with periods,” and here’s why this is important:

There are people who menstruate who may not be women. Some are young girls who get their period at 11, some are women who transitioned to men and still get their period, some people are intersex and get their period. Since this change, they have run an ad featuring a trans man and they came out with a new product line called Thinx BTWN for young girls.

Credit:  Refinery29

Credit: Refinery29

Thinx is also actively participating to end menstrual inequality and help those who can’t afford period products. Through their partners, the donate their underwear to help people who menstruate all over the world and are making a big difference.

With all of this, I think the message this brand is portraying is all about inclusivity. Thinx is about thinking outside the traditional tampon box and about what’s happening globally. Who is different from you that menstruates and how might they be struggling? Thinx is spreading the message to be aware of those around you and to include them in the larger conversation.

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